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8 Pet Safety Tips for the Christmas Tree

ChristmasTreeDog 8 Pet Safety Tips for the Christmas TreeNothing ruins the holidays like an emergency trip to the vet. Follow these tips to keep your pets safe during the holidays.

If you notice excessive vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy or dehydration in your pet, call your vet. It is better to check it out and make sure that they didn’t sneak in a dinner of tinsel or a drink of bacteria filled tree water.

The Tree

The Christmas tree seems like a lot of fun for your cat and dog but it is a big green hazard..that is also beautiful and festive.

1. Tree Water

Tree water can be potentially hazardous for your pet. If your tree had pesticides on its trunk, those chemicals can leach into the water and give your pet a stomach upset. If you tree has stopped drinking the water, the stagnant water can become a breeding ground for bacteria which can also make them ill. Best to keep them out of the tree water.

2. Tinsel

Many of us love to cover our tree in shiny tinsel. As much as we love it, our pets love it more. They want to play with it, lick it, chew on it and eat it.  Tinsel is very bad for your pet to ingest. It can get tangled in their digestive system and cause some very serious complications that could lead to life saving surgery.

3. Flocking

Do you like to have a nicely snow covered tree? That flocking might look pretty but can be toxic to your pets if they eat it. Your pet has to ingest large quantities of the flocking to be really affected but better to keep them from eating any and just avoid the stomach issues.

4. Tree Needles

Cats especially like to chew on plants, and your tree is no exception. Unlike grasses, pine needles can be toxic to your pet if eaten in enough quantity. But more of a concern than the toxins are actually the needles themselves. Eating the needles can cause intestinal issues, including intestinal punctures.

5. Lights

When your cat is chewing on your tree’s needles, they may also be chewing on the light strands. If they bite down on the strand they run the risk of electrocuting themselves.

6. Tree

The tree itself can be a danger. Cats often like to climb up inside the tree, and dogs like to lay underneath. A tree stand might be stable enough to hold up a tree but might not be able to withstand the extra weight of your cat or dog and cause the tree to tip over. Your pet could be injured if the tree falls on them, not to mention what would happen to all your ornaments.

7. Ornaments

Just like lights and pine needles, pets like to chew on things. Ornaments are filled with everything that they should not eat, but most especially the hanger. That wire hook can get caught in their intestines and cause obstructions and other very serious complications.

8. Presents

We all put our presents under the tree to open on Christmas. They are covered in pretty ribbons and bows and look like the most amazing thing for your cat to chew on. Most of the time if your cat eats ribbon they will likely throw it up later. But it can cause obstruction and intestinal issues.

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