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4 Fall Pet Safety Tips

It is fully fall in New Mexico. Here are some pet safety tips to keep your pet safe as the weather gets chilly. A fur coat does not mean warmth! Though a heavy fur coat on your pet may make them hot in the summer, it might not be enough to keep them warm in […]


Rabbits Need More Than Their Fur Coat

rabbit vet albuquerque

I know that rabbits come with their own soft and warm fur coat. But it might not be as warm as you think. Rabbits are not generally acclimated for warm weather and need some help from their fur parents to keep them warm the the cold. 1. Check their Hutch Much like our house, your […]


Vaccinate Your Ferret!

Vaccinate Your Ferret! Did you know that ferrets need vaccinations too? Though not as many as cats and dog, they do still require a couple annual vaccinations. Rabies: this is an annual vaccination Canine Distemper: Ferrets can catch distemper from dogs but not cats. Symptoms are similar to the human flu. They will need a […]


Halloween Safety Tips for Exotic Pets

Halloween Safety Tips for Exotic Pets Exotic pets are not so different than domestic pets like cats and dogs, when it comes to Halloween pet safety. Halloween can be a lot of fun for us, but can be down right scary for our pets. ┬áHere are some tips to keep your exotic pet safe when […]


My50tv Halloween Pet Safety Tips


My50tv Halloween Pet Safety Tips My50tv came to Albuquerque Vetco to get some great tips on keeping your pet safe during Halloween. Elias Gallegos interviewed Dr. Duffin and Cindy to find out the best things you can do for your pet during the holiday season…and they gave some special exclusive promotions as well.


Balloon Fiesta Pet Safety

Balloon Fiesta Pet Safety Tips This is one of the best times of year. The air is getting chilled and the sky is full of Hot Air Balloons! The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is one of the most amazing times to be in New Mexico. However, it isn’t always that much fun for your pets. […]


My50TV says Spay and Neuter your pets!

my50tv and veejay ReShae Kelly came to Albuquerque Vetco to talk to us about spays and neuters. Wonka, the amazing chocolate kitty, came to join Cindy on camera. ┬áMake sure you bring your cat and dog in to get spayed or neutered. Lets keep the stray pet population in albuquerque down, and keep our pets […]


Its the PLAGUE!

The plague is not just a scary word from movies or old nursery rhymes. It is a threat that is just as real now as it was 200 years ago. The plague is alive and well in New Mexico. There have already been 2 reported cases this year. Where is the plague? Northern New Mexico […]